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It has always been the fear of every man of not being able to satisfy his partner in bed. Thus, the size of his penis plays an important role in measuring the “thickness and length” (literally and figuratively) of his manhood.

“If you are a man no matter how successful and good looking you are, you can never be happy and fulfilled with your life if you have a small penis. This in fact, causes psychological problem which results to insecurity and anxiety and low self esteem,” says Dr. Alonzo.

PENILE ENLARGEMENT corrects this problem. Using the method of fat transplant or tissue filler injection, this surgical procedure can increase the diameter of a small and thin penis. It is performed in the clinic's operating room on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia. The procedure normally takes 30 minutes to complete.

After the procedure, Dr. Alonzo will prescribe antibiotic with sufficient coverage against gram negative and coliform organism. He will also prescribe analgesic to alleviate any pain and discomfort, which you will take round the clock. You will be advised to rest in bed and apply ice pack to the scrotum until the next day after your operation. An antibiotic ointment will also be applied to the wound area to keep the incision moist and protect the wound from possible auto contamination.


You can go back to work or school after a week, but you will be strictly advised to avoid engaging in strenuous activities like sports and exercise for at least a month. Sex can be resumed after a month or so. An average between 3.5 cm to 6 cm enlargement can be obtained.

Risks: May include bleeding, infection on the wound site or delayed wound healing, but if you will follow your surgeon's instructions those risks can be limited.

Be sure to discuss all your concerns about the surgery with Dr. Alonzo during your initial consultation, and follow all his instructions from your pre-surgery to post surgery care, for a speedy and healthy recovery.  We also guarantee that every consultation is strictly confidential.