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Hyperhydrosis is a medical condition caused by increased activity to the sweat glands. People who have this condition tend to sweat excessively and develop a strong body odor, which can oftentimes be annoying and extremely embarrassing. It can occur in four primary areas such as the hands, feet or soles, armpit and face.

The following are some of the many factors that trigger hyperhydrosis: Genetics (as the amount of sweat we produce can be hereditary); poor hygiene; skin disease, yeast and fungal infection; psychogenic and physiologic condition like emotional stress and excitement; heat; endocrine dysfunction; certain drugs like antibiotic, aspirin, acetaminophen, excess doses of thyroxin, a thyroid hormone and some medications used to treat mental disorders; gastrointestinal disorders; and diet of too much spice and animal fat. Chain-smoking as well beverages containing caffeine and alcohol may also increase the rate of perspiration and body odor.

Good news! Through the very own surgical innovations of Dr. Alonzo --- each offers complete remedy --- proven safe and effective --- soon your problem will just be a thing of the past. 

INABA’S TECHNIQUE  – This surgical procedure involves direct scraping of the sweat glands using a special tissue shaver invented by Dr. Masumi Inaba of Tokyo, Japan. This medical breakthrough is considered quick and simple which after a week of oral antibiotics and other medications leave only a very
minimal scar along the underarm.  

LIPOSUCTION – who says liposuction is just used for removing unwanted fats and bulges? This technique involves liposuction of sweat glands of the axilla using 2 – 4mm cannula.

ALONZO’S TECHNIQUE – it is by harvesting of the remaining sweat glands of the axilla using sharp scissor and cauterization of the remaining hair bulbs.

Post surgery

Surgery only takes 1 to ½ hours under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. There will be swelling and bruising on the operated area, but it will gradually disappear in a few days or weeks. You may feel pain after the anesthesia subsides (like any surgical procedures) it is normal. Dr. Alonzo will prescribe pain and anti-inflammatory medications. You can resume work the day after 2 to 3 days, but avoid strenuous activities for a week or two. Healing period will take weeks and months. 

also offer a conventional, non-surgical approach to hyperhydrosis through BOTOX. Besides treating wrinkles and expression marks, recent medical research states that Botox can also be used to stop hyperhydrosis. Procedure lasts for half hour. You can go back to work or school immediately after your session.

How is hyperhydrosis treated with botox?
When the botox is injected into the sweat glands, it inhibits the production of acetylcholine and virtually switches off the sweat glands. Acetycholine is a chemical responsible for causing sweat.

Botox injections can also be used under the arms, or on the palms of hands, to reduce perspiration by blocking the nerves to sweat glands.

Several injections may be needed for optimal results. Although very effective, Dr. Alonzo stressed that botox injections won’t prevent body odor and the result isn’t permanent. “You'll need more injections in four to eight months. The treatment can be costly and only last from four months to a year. Over all, a botox injection is very effective, and it is for people who opt for a conventional alternative. ”