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Ms. Anna

Hello everyone! Thank you for your concern. My nose and my breast are healing perfectly fine. I love the result of the surgery. I will be coming back to visit next May of 2010. I will come and see you again next year for another possible enhancement hehehe Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KINDNESS. I HOPE ALL IS WELL WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

Chicago, Illinois Rhinoplasty and Breast augmentation August 12, 2009

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Ms. Jane

Hi Susan & Dr. Alonzo, Thank you for your email and for the follow-up. The surgeries on my eyes were completely healed. Nobody had said anything happen to me even when I don't wear any make-up on. However, with eye make-up on it, really it looks great and natural. Many said I'm looking younger and younger. Thanks a lot to Dr. Alonzo.

Businesswoman California - USA July 24, 2009

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Zen Cacho - Noselift with alar trimming United Kingdom May 15, 2009

Hello po!! Its a surprise for me receiving an e-mail from you, thank you so much Madame for the concern.Wala po akong problema sa surgery ko at ang laki nga raw ng iginanda ko sabi ng mga kaibigan ko. Kaya wala po akong pinagsisihan marami pong salamat. Hayaan po ninyo papasyal po ako sa inyo pag nagbakasyon po uli ako at pakisabi kay Dr. Alonzo na maraming salamat po sa ginawa niya and I really LOVE IT. Regards na lang po sa inyong lahat jan madame hope to see you again and more power to all the staff of Beaufaces. God bless you all.

(Hello po!! Its a surprise for me receiving an e-mail from you, thank you so much Madame for the concern. I dont have any problem with my surgery. My friends told me that I became more beautiful. I have no regrets and thank you. I will visit you once I have vacation and please tell Dr. Alonzo thank you very much for the job well done and I really LOVE IT. Regards to everyone and hope to see you again. More power to all the staff of Beaufaces. God bless you all.)

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Elizabeth Olleres Wayne

Hi Susan, Nice to hear from you and thank you so much for asking how I am. It is now 8 months since my breast augmentation and noselift surgery and I must say that I am so very happy with the results. Comparing before and after pictures, the end results from both operations are fantastic. Dr Alonso was able to interpret my wishes perfectly and turn them into reality. I can now honestly say that I feel proud of my breasts and I no longer feel the slightest bit shy of wearing plunging necklines, in fact I go looking for them in the stores! My nose is also exactly as I wanted; the surgery was so good that even just 1 week afterward only my immediate family could tell that something had changed. The surgery went exactly as Dr Alonzo had explained and the healing process was fine without any complications. I was very happy with the way the initial consultation was conducted and that gave me the confidence I needed to proceed with the surgery, knowing that I was in good hands. Before, during and after surgery, Dr Alonzo and all of his staff were extremely helpful, encouraging and supportive. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Alonzo to my family and friends.

Rhinoplasty & Breast Augmentation UAE - July 22, 2009

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Liv Guam

Hi Ms. Susan, maogma na si Ate Lani sa pandok niya. Baka pag digdi nya sa Guam at makapagtrabaho pwede na uli syang mag pa chin augmentation. Successful yong gibo sa nose niya ni Dr. Alonzo. I\'ve seen the picture. Talagang naiba ang pandok niya. Magayon na sya. Baka ako pag uli ko i\'ll stop by at your clinic para mag pagayon man. Thank you na dakula lalo na ki DR. ALONZO.

( Hi Ms. Susan, my sister was happy now with her face. Hope when she comes here in Guam she can get a job. then she can undergo chin augmentation. Her surgery is successfully done by Dr. Alonzo. Ive seen the picture, really her face changed and shes beautiful now! Maybe when I go home Ill visit your clinic to also beautify myself. Big thanks, most especially to Dr. Alonzo. )

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Rosie J. Robinson

Hello Susan! Thank you for being supportive and helpful from the start of the procedure to the healing process. Im looking forward for the bigger jobs that I want to be done to myself. Im arranging a time off sometime this year. Dr. Alonzo, I cant thank you enough for taking years away on my face. My friends told me that I look a lot younger and prettier even before I told them that I had stuff done to face. My vision is better too because extra skin from my upper eyelids are gone. I notice the appearance of lower eye bags after having upper bleph done. I should have done my lower eyelids at the same time. My right jaw line is still numb but my left is completely healed. My acquaintances told me that I lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately I weigh the same. Its just my face that is thinner and smaller. Im glad I chose you this time. Thank you for the wonderful job. Rosie J. Robinson Anchorage, Alaska

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Hello Ms. Susan! I've been so busy since I got back from my trip. Thank you all for making me look beautiful and now I have more confident of myself. I could not thank everyone enough for the kindness and for taking care of me during surgery. So far, I really have no problem during healing time It went well. A lot of my friends really like it. Job well done!!!!!. Again, thank you to all of your staff and to Dr. Alonzo and of course I wanna thank you for your time. I am planning to have more procedure done in the future..

Salamat, Elgie San Francisco USA Goretex noselift done May 2008 Email October 7, 2008

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Ms. Jean

Hello! The operated area is still a bit swollen and numb. I still feel a bit heavy, but in general, I feel great! I am already back to work, I am following Docs advice to avoid lifting heavy stuffs for the meantime til the bruise and swelling subsides. By the way, my friends loved the resultthey are planning to visit you guys in the future Thank you very much to you Ms. Susan, Doc and to the Beaufaces staff! See you all soon. Tata! J

MS. Jean - USA breast augmentation May 2008 Email-June 16, 2008

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Mr. Bruce

Dr. Alonzo, thank you for your time and skills. You did good work on my eyes! Im impressed. I look 10 years younger and I love it.

Mr. Bruce - Newport, OR Blepharoplasty sliteye and eyebag removal Thank you card- February 7, 2007

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Ms. Mosher

After I underwent breast augmentation, liposuction & facelift at Beaufaces, my life has totally changed. Dr. Alonzo is very comforting and skilled. He really met my expectations. Although complete results were not yet evident for 6 days, I was very confident that the end result would be satisfactory. Many thanks to all who took part on my operation and recovery.

Ms. Mosher of Sydney
Nurse 45 years old

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Angela Bernardo

You wouldn't believe I underwent several cosmetic surgery services breast augmentation, breast reduction, noselift, sliteye, liposuction, and tummy tuck . Yes! Through the good and artistic hands of Dr. Alonzo He really made me happy. I did a lot of research and consultations from various cosmetic surgeons, until finally I chose him. Honestly, I made the perfect choice! My life indeed has dramatically changed it became more colorful. And now I am more confident! Thanks Dr. Benz!

Angela Bernardo of Virginia
USA- 36 years old

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Imelda Villanda

I have nothing to say but praise for Beaufaces especially to it surgeon, Dr. Benjie Alonzo, clinic manager Susan, and their staff. I've been working so hard for years here in the US, and I thought it was about time that I should reward myself with a special gift, something that I really wanted a long time ago, that is to enhance my nose. Though I'm a confident person, I was quite unhappy about how it looked back then. So last December 2004, I went back to the Philippines for a vacation and consulted Dr. Benjie Alonzo. He also did my brother's nose years ago, and honestly, I am very much impressed with the result. I told myself back then that if I'll have my nose done, Dr. Alonzo is the best surgeon to go to, and I'm sure he really knows what I like. After my surgery, Doc has even surpassed my expectations! My new nose has made me not only more confident in dealing with people, but also determined to make everyday of my life a happy and meaningful one. Thanks Doc! Thanks Beaufaces!

Imelda Villanda, 39, Nurse
Las Vegas, USA

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Norah Ambel

Hello Ms. Susan! I am doing fine, thank you! Thanks for remembering me. My nose is doing fine. I dont feel any pain. I am also taking vitamin C tablets as prescribed by Doc Alonzo. I also take vitamin C tablets as adv fine ever since the surgery. Dr. Alonzo is a good doctor, and I am glad that I found him. Email 4/1/2008 I would like to thank you for the great work. I am very satisfied with the surgery on my nose. E-mail 9/3/2006 You know,I have received a lot of good comments on my new look. I've given your contact information to some of my friends that are interested as well. So you might be getting some calls from Kuwait! E-mail 9/12/2006 "Dr. Alonzo and his staff are professional and kind. The surgery went well, and I am very happy with the results. The entire process, from start to finish, was much easier than I thought possible. After following Dr. Alonzo's advice, my body has healed and I feel great now! Thanks.

Norah Ambel of Kuwait Noselift Email 9

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Jo from Hawai

Aloha Susan and Dr Benz, Thanks for the email; we are all doing perfectly fine. I am truly thankful for a job well done. My friends and colleagues love my nose, eyes etc. I had given Dr Benz info and phone numbers. You may expect some people from Hawaii to see him by early next year. Even my cousins from the mainland, they are also thinking of doing their nose and eyes. I just love the outcome of my nose, its perfect for my face. My breast implant is now smaller - just like what you mentioned before, however I still don't have any sensations at all.I just hope it will come back later, right? My tummy tuck is okay, trying to maintain food intake diet; this is a big challenge for me. Anyway, thanks to all of you there, we are very satisfied of everything done to us most especially myself. I've getting lots and lots of compliments. Dr Benz, you have the expertise and I've highly recommended you to all of my friends, relatives and colleagues. See you again hopefully next year - will email you and will keep in touch. Have a wonderful day.

Jo from Hawai Liposuction, Breast augmentation and Noselift Email October 7, 2006

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Hello to all of you, I am back abroad and I used to refer your clinic each time someone asking me about my surgery. I am very satisfied. Thank you for the artistic hand of DR. ALONZO.

Lyn London Eyebag removal Email July 31, 2007

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Ms. Hilda

Hi Dr. Alonzo! Thanks a lot po sa ginawa mo sa nose at eyes ko. Its a job well done indeed! Ang ganda ko na talaga, hindi na po ako mukhang maid ng mga anak ko. And most of all, nagkaroon na ako ng confidence sa sarili ko.Dahil diyan, natutulungan ko na ang asawa ko sa aming restaurant business. May gusto pa po akong pagawa --- Tummy Tuck and Breastlift. Are they safe? How much? Sana makauwi na ako para makapunta na ako sa clinic ninyo. Again, maraming salamat po sa inyo at sa buong Beaufaces staff. (Hello Dr. Alonzo thanks a lot for the surgery youve done to my nose and eyes. I can say I am really BEAUTIFUL now! I dont look like my kids maid anymore. I already gained self-confidence. Because of that, I am helping my husband now in our restaurant business. I want to undergo another surgeries --- Tummy Tuck and Breastlift. Are they safe? How much? I hope I can go back home there so I can visit your clinic. Again, thank you very much and also to the Beaufaces staff.)

Ms. Hilda - Texas Noselift with alarplasty December 2007 Email -January 25,2008

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Ms. Edith

Hi Ms. Susan, kamusta na po kayo? Ito po uli ako si Edith. First of all I want to say thanks to Dr. Alonzo sa lahat lahat ng ginawa niyang operation sa akin at happy po ako sobra sa naging result. (Hi, Ms. Susan, how are you? This is me again, Edith. First of all I want to say thank you to Dr. Alonzo for all the operations he did to me. Im very very happy for the results.)

Ms. Edith - Sydney, Australia Noselift, alarplasty, bustlift, nipple reduction February 2008 Email- March 4, 2008

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Dr. Alonzo thanks for making me more beautiful. I feel more confident after my nose was done. All my friends noticed the changes. I'm so surprised that after my nose surgery, I did not feel any pain. After the bandage was removed I went shopping right away. I recommend you to all my friends here in the US . You are an excellent surgeon. I attached here my new picture. Once again, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you! Analie Las Vegas Nevada USA 25 years old noselift I'm going back home this Nov. yes si Justina kaibigan ko dito sa states, Alam mo ang ganda na ng nose ko. Im so happy sa results it really worth it. Yung nose ng kaibigan ko maganda rin, I try to visit there pag nakapunta ako dyan sa manila kasi para makita nyo ang nose ko. I will attach my latest pic here so that u can see my nose. I look so different now. Thanks a lot .

Latest letter of Analie, September 4, 2005

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Ms. Ida London

Dear Susan, I hope you are well. As promised to you, I am sending my photographs in the attachs files. I do love my eyes now more than before.... Also, I thought that I should consider Dr Alonzo's suggestion for a nose lift when I am there next, perhaps April or May 2009. Email- October 3, 2008 ____________________________________________ Hi Ms. Susan. I have been to your clinic at SM Lazo Medical Centre and did the surgery (eyelid and eyebag removal) last 24th April 2008. My colleagues are wondering what I did because they said I look younger? Even with those scars, they still thought I looked younger! I said to myself, wait till I am completely healed :)) Please say hello and Thank You to Dr Alonzo for a job well done.

Ms. Ida London Eyelid and eyebag removal Email May 25, 2008

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Jun Valencia

"Hello, I used to be the laughingstock in our barkada because of my nose. This really caused a huge blow in my confidence. Thanks to Dr. Alonzo and to the goretex implant, I was able to build my self-confidence again without a fuss. Instead of being ridiculed, I get more compliments from other people not only because of my improved nose but also because of the new positive attitude that I gained from it. It really pays to look and feel good. Thank you guys and hoping for more patients to come.

Jun Valencia Goretex noselift done July 2008 Email August 2008

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